CropMom Step by Step: Step 1: Uploading Your Photos

Add your photos to CropMom to get started

Your first step toward making a scrapbook page or greeting card at CropMom is to upload the photo or photos you plan to use in your layout.

You can upload your photos from the My CropMom page or the My Photos page. Click on the browse button, then find your JPEG photo file on your computer.

Upload Photos

Click the upload button. It may take a moment for your file to upload to CropMom, depending upon how large the file is.

Upload high-resolution photos for printing

CropMom allows a maximum of 5 megabytes per photo file.

You are allowed 20 megabytes of storage space for photos that are not used in a layout. If you reach the limit, either use your unused photos in a layout or delete them so that you can upload more.

If you intend to print your layouts, CropMom strongly recommends that you use high-resolution photos for the best print quality.

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